”Take care of your BODY. It is the ONLY PLACE you have to live.”

Lounge und Philosophie - Tantra at Massagelounge Hamburg

Bild: Lounge und Philosophie – Tantra at Massagelounge Hamburg

Busyness. Stress. Pressure.
In a world in which a person is measured by their accomplishments and achievements, it is difficult to be aware of the true essence of being: To be someone who can love and feel. Someone who is allowed to be sad and happy. Someone who can feel and live those feelings.

Our body is the most sacred temple of existence, it carries our spirit and soul, providing a warm and safe home for them. Yet people keep rushing through the streets of their lives, overlooking and forgetting the secret of life, of being. We have forgotten how to live in the here and now, torn in our thoughts between past and future, worn down by worry and fear. In a world of high demands and pressing expectations, we attempt to stand tall like a tree in the midst of a storm. We have lost the ability to set boundaries and it is often difficult for us to say “no.” And then at some point, when time has passed and fatigue overwhelms us, the soul speaks through the body, expressing its suffering as physical and mental illness. The soul asks to be heard. It asks for attention, love, and affection. It asks to find a way back home, back to itself and into being.

We would like to invite you, dear guests, whether woman, man or couple, to be part of our Tantra ritual. Without prior knowledge and without being active yourself. You are welcome to come as you are. Simply be!

A Tantric massage invites you to let go, to come back to yourself, to open yourself to this passive limbo of sensuality and sexuality. In this realm, sexual climax is a possibility, but certainly not a must. Ideally, a Tantric massage ends with a deep sense of wholeness, relaxation, and return. Tantric massages open a path to healing our injuries and defects, to increasing our emotional capacities, to promoting self-love, to being able to accompany developments in sexual partnerships. In our Tantric massages, we consciously employ techniques that reduce fear of intimacy. Mindfulness for your feelings as well as a veneration of the human body are central to our massages. The way of Tantra means touching and exploring the body without predetermined purpose. The recipient of the massage is embedded in this ritual and can playfully follow the impulses of the body… or not – everything is allowed, nothing is a must. In this manner a natural flow of energy is created which rewards us with a profound sense of happiness.

Tantra is a path to inner growth. However, unlike most spiritual practices, Tantra understands sexuality as the key to self-knowledge. The body is not considered sinful, but the principal conduit for establishing a connection between the self and the divine. The massage ritual is about expansion, closeness, safety, vulnerability, healing, and indulging in the touch of the moment.

The Lounge

Ein Blick in unsere neu renovierten Räume.

Allow yourself to be surprised by the original tantra!

In a modern oriental-style oasis of well-being, we have created a Tantra room where you have the opportunity to rediscover yourself, to be sensual, to recharge your batteries, or just to simply be!

What is required of you?

Courage, openness, an energy balance in cash, and an appointment.

Thank you for choosing us!

We look forward to welcoming you!

Interessiert an Tantra? Dann vereinbarn Sie jetzt einen Termin.

Sie erreichen uns täglich von 9:00 bis 22:00 Uhr, auch an Sonn- und Feiertagen. Massagetermine bieten wir täglich ab 9:00, letzter Termin 20:00 Uhr.
Für Terminwünsche ausserhalb der Öffnungszeiten sprechen Sie uns gerne an.

Telefon: +49(0)40 410 44 66

Phone (englisch language): 0176 323 979 67

Rothenbaumchaussee 193 | 20149 Hamburg

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