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Massagelounge Hamburg - Tantramassage für Frauen

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TANTRA for Women
A ritual of the senses – mindful, sensual, loving, and pleasurable. With intuitive competence and dedication every part of the body is touched, massaged, and pampered according to the traditional rules of Tantra. We not only use our hands, but also feathers, furs and…
Allow yourself to be surprised.
Only nourishing, unscented, and allergy-tested products are used. On request, scents of your choice can be added as well. We will make your visit a delight for your skin, body, and soul.
This type of sensitization always provides for special moments of well-being and bliss. Thoughts fade and sensations come to the fore. Deep release and vibrating energy spread through the body. The trusting Tantra journey begins with a “ritual of arrival” in which questions, anxieties, and needs are addressed. In a beautiful, oriental, Tantric room with music, candlelight, and subtle scents, expert and careful touches establish unexpected closeness in no time.

Tantra gives happiness and keeps you young! Tantra is a path to inner growth. However, unlike most spiritual practices, Tantra understands sexuality as the key to self-knowledge. The body is not considered sinful, but the principal conduit for establishing a connection between the self and the divine.

The massage ritual is about openness, presence, acceptance, safety, and vulnerability. It is about healing wounds while also indulging in the touch of the moment. Do you want to go all the way with us? Including an intimate ritual? This means: After about 1.5 hours of full-body massage, an intimate massage will be added on request. The genital area, the Yoni, is slowly, attentively, lovingly, and sensually touched in a natural and pure way. We respond to you personally and intuitively, touching and awakening your femininity. In this fashion we activate the most powerful female energy, the vital energy, and connect it to our heart. A sense of release sets in, an intense feeling of well-being fills the entire body and carries you to the most precious place in the world:
To yourself!

You will feel happy and energetically rejuvenated! Relaxed facial features, being comfortable in one’s body, radiating self-confidence and assurance – this is what every woman desires. We may even arouse unexpected wishes and needs. As a consequence, you will come into your own powerful and natural womanhood while simultaneously tapping into your innocent sexual potential. A vivacious relationship to your own body, emotions, and health will be established. After all, beauty is not a question of age, but of charisma, of personal expression, and of inner harmony.

Upon request, you can also be treated by a male masseur. Whether between woman and woman or between man and woman – you can confide in us and immerse yourself in this safe space. Whatever may be revealed, your boundaries will be respected lovingly and mindfully. The way you are is right way. Sink into a world of deep relaxation, sensual touch, tenderness, and lust.

In unserer Wohlfühl-Oase wird Ihre Weiblichkeit tief verehrt.
Die Zeit ist reif für Tantra – Sie auch?

Tantra als ganzheitlicher Weg – vom Glück zu fühlen:

  • Für alle, die sich mehr Öffnung und Hingabe wünschen
  • Mehr im Moment sein und alles zulassen wollen
  • Wünsche, Vorlieben und Bedürfnisse kennenlernen
  • Eigene Sexualität und erotisches Selbstbild erkennen

… Oder einfach nur entspannen, genießen, loslassen und Energie tanken!

Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt der tiefen Entspannung, sinnlichen Berührung, Zärtlichkeit und Lust.

Tantra can also be used as an adjunctive therapy (for a talk therapy):

  • Listlessness or alienation within a partnership
  • for women who can no longer tolerate being close to their partner after a pregnancy
  • for victims of abuse who can no longer bear anyone’s touch
  • when sex and heart have become separated

Ann-Marlene Henning http://www.doch-noch.de
Soham – Praxis for Sexual Counselling and Therapy Susanna-Sitari Rescio: http://www.soham.de

TANTRA for Women

Tantric massages are available in the following variants:

Venus-Tantra-Gold: 2 hours

A sensuous ritual of indulgence: finally some time for yourself! You will relax deeply, recharge your energy, and feel comfortable in your natural femininity.

Price: 220 €

(Tantra for women)

Venus-Tantra-Diamond: 2,5 hours

A journey of discovery and pleasure: A good introduction into intensely experiencing Tantra and its essence. Tender, dynamic, and playful touches in their purest form, with a mindful and extended intimate massage. A beautiful feeling of letting go and coming into your own.
A short vacation!

Price 270 €

(Tantra for women)

Venus-Tantra-Healing: 3 hours

A ritual of worship: Lustful and healing at the same time.
A complete immersion into the world of Tantra. The loving, sensual, and sensitive massage ritual with Tantric elements is dedicated to the entire body, but especially to the face, the décolleté, and the female intimate area. During this extended ritual we mindfully massage you with Tantric grips in their natural and purest form. With the power of Tantric touch, directed energy, and breathing techniques, we guide you towards healing and bravely awaken your sexual energy.

Price 320 €

(Tantra for women)

4-hand massage:

Two masseuses pass on their skills, dedication, and passion in this Tantric ritual of worship.
Tenderly and playfully you will be introduced to the art of Tantra.

Price: 4-hand Venus Tantra: 1.5 hours – 370 €
4-hand Venus Tantra Gold: 2 hours – 420 €
4-hand Venus Tantra Diamond: 2.5 hours – 520 €

(Tantra for women)

Our offers pertain to massage time only. We allot sufficient time for preliminary consultation, showers, and follow-up.

We also welcome:

Juniors (18 and up):

To discover yourself, to get to know yourself, and to celebrate your body as a holy temple. Learn and feel what it means to “love” both physically and mentally. Connect with your own divinity and gain the capacity to love unconditionally.


Tantra is ageless. Loving touches open the heart and return it to the sparkling source of life as well as to security, love, and an intense zest for life!

Women with handicap:

Tantra is vital energy. We meet you with a respectful, appreciative inner attitude and loving dedication.
We create the space for acceptance and wholeness.

Wünschen Sie eine Tantramassage für Frauen, freuen wir uns von Ihnen zu hören

Sie erreichen uns täglich von 9:00 bis 22:00 Uhr, auch an Sonn- und Feiertagen. Massagetermine bieten wir täglich ab 9:00, letzter Termin 20:00 Uhr.
Für Terminwünsche ausserhalb der Öffnungszeiten sprechen Sie uns gerne an.

Telefon: +49(0)40 410 44 66

Phone (englisch language): 0176 323 979 67

Rothenbaumchaussee 193 | 20149 Hamburg

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