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TANTRA for Men…
Do you crave passion? Turn off the mind for once, don’t feel any pressure to perform, and allow yourself to be passive and receiving. Experience pure sensual pleasure and moments of happiness with Tantra. Recharge your batteries. Reward yourself. Simply massaging the stress away and clearing the mind: isn’t this what everyone desires? Embrace physical passivity while actively experiencing sensations. Simply enjoy and feel – an interplay of excitement and relaxation.

The sexual energy coursing through the body can lead to a climax that is deeper, more intense, and more powerful than anything you’ve ever known. Without prior knowledge and without any need to be active on your part, your manhood is deeply worshiped here in the oasis of well-being! We offer a safe space where you can be sensuous and desirous. A professional Tantra massage, embedded in a ritual, is emotionally and physically very intimate, but contains no sexual interaction or sexual union!

You remain passive throughout the massage. This allows you to fully concentrate on your own emotional experiences. Concordantly, the masseuse can massage you much more intuitively if she is not distracted by attention or touches from the person she is massaging.

The sensual and trusting journey begins with a preliminary conversation and the “ritual of arrival.” Every part of the body is massaged professionally, authentically, imaginatively, and full of devotion according to the traditional rules of Tantra.
Only nourishing, unscented, and allergy-tested products are used. On request, scents of your choice can be added as well. We will make your visit a delight for your skin, body, and soul.

Dynamic and powerful grips alternate with delicate, flowing, and playful elements. Additional Tantric surprises provide for particularly intense moments throughout the massage. You are active in being passive.

The mind is set free. Unprecedented closeness and deep intimacy are generated. Towards the end, an intimate ritual follows. This means that the intimate area of ​​the man, the lingam, is included in the massage on request. These Tantric touches combined with rising levels of energy and deliberate breathing can lead to a complete surrender to the moment. Let yourself be surprised by the original Tantra!

Possible topic selection for men:

  • anal and prostate massage
  • whole body orgasm
  • go in the direction of ecstasy
  • premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction

We also recommend the massage from man to man to handle these topics intuitively.

A sense of release sets in, an intense feeling of well-being fills the entire body and carries you to the most precious place in the world:
To yourself!

TANTRA for Men

We offer the following variants of Tantric massages:

Classic – For beginners: 2 hours

Finally a break! Treat yourself to two hours of sensuality and soulful devotion with many Tantric touches. The best way to experience Tantra in its essence.

Price: 240 €

(Tantra for men)

Basic – For advanced Tantrics: 1.5 hours

For experienced Tantrics and men who want to get out of their heads quickly and feel good. In such a case, the short version can be sufficient to immerse yourself in the emotional world of Tantra.

Price: 200 €

(Tantra for men)

De Luxe – For connoisseurs: 2.5 hours

A delightfully luxurious ritual. Very intense! Pure luxury for your entire body and soul. With touches that go deep under the skin. You will relax deeply, recharge properly, and feel comfortable in your natural manhood. An unforgettable experience.

Price: 290 €

(Tantra for men)

4-hand massage – Dream Tantra:

Two women simultaneously massage and pamper your entire body. A very special ritual. We specialize in 4-hand sensuous massages. Twice the fun, pleasure, and sensuality. The intimate ritual is also doubled, creating a very high level of energy in tandem. A unique chance to fully attain your masculine power. A beguiling experience!

4-Hand-Basic: 1.5 hours – 360 €
4-hand Classic: 2 hours – 460 €
4–Hand De-Luxe: 2.5 hours – 540 €

(Tantra for men)

Our offers pertain to massage time only. We allot sufficient time for preliminary consultation, showers, and follow-up.

We also welcome:

Juniors (18 and up):

To discover yourself, to get to know yourself, and to celebrate your body as a holy temple. Learn and feel what it means to “love” both physically and mentally. To set out on your life’s journey with Tantra in order to avoid hurt and thereby attract the right partner.


With loving touch we guide you towards intense vitality, security, and love!

Men with handicap:

We include you in Tantra without judgment. We welcome you with loving dedication, respect, and professionalism. Our team is very experienced in this area.

Interessiert an einer Tantramassage für Männer? Dann freuen wir uns von Ihnen zu hören.

Sie erreichen uns täglich von 9:00 bis 22:00 Uhr, auch an Sonn- und Feiertagen. Massagetermine bieten wir täglich ab 9:00, letzter Termin 20:00 Uhr.
Für Terminwünsche ausserhalb der Öffnungszeiten sprechen Sie uns gerne an.

Telefon: +49(0)40 410 44 66

Phone (englisch language): 0176 323 979 67

Rothenbaumchaussee 193 | 20149 Hamburg

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