Take time for love – and learn to express your feelings.

TANTRA for Couples

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TANTRA for Couples…
We successfully introduce couples to the art of loving. It is time for Tantra! Are you ready?

For couples who would like to feel and reaffirm the connection between their hearts and their sexual energy. Experience and learn the secrets of a genuine encounter in a Tantric ritual. As most world religions began to separate sexuality and spirituality, we lost access to one of the greatest sources of energy. Sexuality is the life force. It is the foundation of our creativity, vitality, and spirituality.

In this day and age Tantra offers you the unique chance to re-learn a conscious and natural approach to physical pleasure and sexual energy. Therefore Tantra can significantly contribute to self-healing and to mending the relationship between woman and man. No prior knowledge is required. Just indulge and enjoy yourself. Through the ritual of Tantra both partners can mutually inspire their ability to love and be loved on many levels.

Escape the stasis of established roles, patterns, and mechanisms and playfully learn new ways of love and loving.

As Tantra massage therapist we will accompany you from the start of the ritual and guide you through the experience. You can choose between a female or male Tantra masseur, but we recommend a female therapist for your first time.

Important: For beginners we strongly recommend separate rooms with a subsequent coming together in order to share the aftermath of the ritual. In this way, both of you will have a chance to first experience the Tantra ritual for themselves. Only those who can completely stay with themselves, can also be completely be with someone else. This is the foundation of a loving relationship. Both you will attain so much more.

At the conclusion of every couple massage, the mini-workshop, as well as the touch-coaching we will serve you fresh fruit and a sparkling drink!

We are happy to make you happy.
Because we love what we give!

TANTRA for Couples

We offer the following variants of Tantric massages:

Luxury Couple’s Massage Ritual: 2 hours

The pure luxury of two souls in unison. Share the new and unique experience of a Tantric ritual of worship. The full full-body massage will be concluded with an intimate ritual: a sensual Tantric massage of the intimate areas for both partners. Reach a climax that which is impossible be described words and which simply has to be experienced.

Price: 460 €

(Tantra for couples)

De Luxe Couple’s Ritual:

A short vacation! Tantra in all its facets and aspects. The more time we have, the more we can cater to pleasure, sensuality, eroticism, and the energy of the heart. A beautiful riding of waves – alternating between excitement and relaxation and concluding with an extended intimate ritual.

2.5 hours – Price: 560 €

(Tantra for couples)

Please arrange an appointment for couple massages, mini-workshops, or touch coaching by phone 3 to 5 days in advance.

Tantra speziell für Paare in der Massagelounge Hamburg

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